“The Pearls Are Mine!”

“The Pearls Are Mine!”

The Wall Street Journal . February 4-5, 2012

“Loosing a Parent is Difficult Enough Without Having to Sift Through Belongings or Tie Up Financial Loose Ends. Here’s How to Minimize the Hassle” by Kelly Greene

Ms. Greene describes the havoc and frustration for grown children involved in emptying a parents home in the case of a move, downsizing, or passing.

“I just couldn’t handle dealing with all the stuff anymore,” says a daughter after two stressful years sorting through her Mother’s possessions.

“When the chores become overwhelming, it can be difficult for family members to recover sentimental treasures or tie up financial loose ends. At the extreme, the sheer volume of stuff can clutter a house and weigh down its value – a problem if the home must be sold quickly.”

“Senior-move managers and professional organizers offer customized help. They can tap movers, reputable resellers, and auctioneers and charities to take books, clothing and home furnishings.”

DON”T let the sheer volume of “stuff” paralyze you.
DO hire help!

Profession Disposition and Consolidation experts can clear out anything. Leaving the dwelling “Broom Swept.”

The Estate Concierge

Time Flies…..

If you’ve been wondering where we’ve been for the last few months…  We are happy to report that we’ve been busy!  We started the year at an apartment on Park Avenue and more recently an Oceanside Estate in Southampton.  Our Concierge Services were used in all situations.  Our Mission continues to be to assist families and individuals with Organization, Consolidation and Disposition of furniture and collected household articles.  The first 6 months of 2011 certainly fulfilled that goal!

Susan & Linda

Shopping in the Basement

One of the most interesting services we provide is redecorating=repurposing. Looking at old furniture, art and decorative items with a “new eye” and using them in a new way. Furniture purchased for that great old city apartment that you lived in years ago, has never seen the light of day in the country.  Stored pieces that you have forgotten you own. Lighting that found it’s way to a back shelf and has never left. Perhaps a new frame, cushion, or lampshade is all that’s needed.  You don’t have to buy anything… you simply have to go shopping in your Basement!

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We are fascinated with re-purposing  great old pieces…  especially chairs.

Love these “as is” however… To Be Con’t.