Susan Wexler, co-founder of the Estate Concierge, demonstrates her design talent and organizational expertise with every project under the care of The Estate Concierge. Her extensive experience in all aspects of the fashion industry has provided the foundation to do what she loves, working with individuals and families to attend to their homes and and cherished possessions.

Before establishing The Estate Concierge, Susan spent the bulk of her career at two of the most iconic companies in the fashion industry. After twenty years in senior design management at Liz Claiborne, Susan moved on to Danskin where she successfully modernized it’s Dance and Active Wear products.

In 2009, Susan yearned to create an enterprise where she could apply her knowledge and training in the arts, business acumen and life experiences to a fresh start. She has parlayed her proficiency in home design and renovation gained by working with her own second home, several times over, and her knowledge of art and design, which prepared her for this next natural step.
“I’m a total ‘nester’ and for me one of my greatest pleasures is being surrounded by the environment I’ve created with the help of my beloved husband and amongst the cherished possessions collected over a lifetime of travel and discovered treasures everywhere I look. Managing the disposition of estates allows me to take my own collective experiences and share what I love to do with others.”

Susan received a B.A. from C.W. Post College.

Linda Larsen is co-founder of The Estate Concierge, a comprehensive estate liquidation and disposition service.
Linda’s experience in home design and renovation coupled with managerial skills honed during her years as an executive in the corporate arena ensures that the many decisions that are a natural part of every estate are handled with care, and thoughtful strategy.

“The personal milestones of building, moving, evaluating possessions and consolidating, have contributed to my experience and given me the knowledge and expertise to do this for others. My continued interests in the arts, and respect of beautiful furniture and Fine Collections, led me to believe that there are families that would need assistance in the disposition or consolidation of a loved ones’ possessions.”

Prior to starting The Estate Concierge, Linda had a distinguished career in the fashion industry, 22 years of which were spent at Liz Claiborne Inc. Among the list of achievements, Linda launched a new division for the Corporation in 1988, and 5 years later was promoted to be President of the largest Divisional Group. During her tenure as a leader at Liz Claiborne, the corporation was named as one of the ten “Most Admired Corporations in America” by Fortune Magazine, 1987 and 1988.

In 1999, Linda began building her own business; the first step was consulting for several women’s clothing design companies and in time Linda ran her own organization which produced an eponymous brand that was sold in high end stores across the US.

Linda’s drive to work with people, their possessions, and their dwellings has culminated in the founding of The Estate Concierge.
Each estate is managed in total, from overseeing complete disposition, to attending to the small, yet critical, details.
Through her years of experience, Linda understands the value in the precious articles people accumulate.

“Consolidating and then keeping certain important memories in an artistic way is possible. The disposition of an Estate can be respectful and well thought out.”

Linda received a B.A. from University of Florida Gainesville
Member : The Academy of Women Achievers of America
Mentor: LIM College MBA Program